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At Espuma, this restaurant in the heart of Villefranche-sur-Mer by the sea, you are literally transported back in time: to the Belle Époque. ThE era when American sailors frequented the establishment. The chic colonial decor with its imposing exposed stone columns, floral fixtures, and lush vegetation. The green marble tables and rattan furniture momentarily transport you to the golden years of the Riviera.

So naturally, you head to the impressive bar that overseas the interior to enjoy one of our many signature cocktails. In the open kitchen, through the large glass windows, you can see chefs and the pizza chef busy at the stoves.

Our specialty is black charcoal pizza, prepared with the finest Italian products, such as our yellow tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, star anise-infused pumpkin, fresh spinach, and pecorino. There’s a prominent place for seafood thanks to the seafood counter.

Oyster, shellfish, and crustacean enthusiasts, straight from the live aquarium, come to compose seafood platters to enjoy on our beautiful sunny sea-view terrace or to take away. You’ll also find grilled fish on the menu like stuffed royal sea bream with chard, pesto, and parmesan, a mixed seafood grill, and lobster papardelles.

The best contemporary seaside restaurant in Villefranche-sur-Mer offering a gourmet seafood experience right on the French Riviera coast.

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At Espuma, enjoy oyster platters, shellfish, and seafood to savor on-site or to take away. Discover our menu of fish specialties, creative dishes, and delicious pasta.

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